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Few people have the gift of knowing at a young age precisely what they want to do in life. Michelle Olson, DDS, is one of those lucky few. Dr. Olson, who grew up on a farm outside Stoughton, Wisc., went to the same dentist growing up that her parents continue to see today. She truly enjoyed her visits to the family dentist, and credits those early experiences as being part of the reason she decided — when she was merely in middle school — to become a dentist herself.

After dental school, Dr. Olson spent four years in the U.S. Army, including a 15-month deployment to Iraq. There, she served as the officer-in-charge (OIC) of the Taji Dental Clinic near Baghdad, providing comprehensive dental care to a base population of about 18,000 soldiers and contractors. When her commitment to the Army was over, she gained additional experience at several offices across the nation. But finally, her long-term goal of having her own practice became a reality when she opened Quivira Park Family Dentistry in January.

Dr. Olson strives to create the same kind of relationships with her own patients that she had with her family dentist. “We treat our patients as friends, not just ‘a number in the chair,’” she says. “I want them to feel comfortable bringing in their family members and recommending us to their friends.”

One of the things Dr. Olson likes most about her office is its size. Currently, three chairs occupy the space, with room for a fourth as the practice grows. Walls between the chairs create a semi-private setting, allowing for more privacy during treatment as well as con- versations about a patient’s care. Her general dentistry practice is able to handle some advanced procedures in-house, and she works closely with area specialists if a referral is needed.

Dr. Olson says being able to help alleviate a patient’s discomfort — whether physical in nature or even a fear factor of coming to the dentist — is the best aspect of what she does. Patients are encour- aged to ask questions, take an active role in their dental health, and understand their care.

Dr. Olson’s staff includes Kristi Hamann, the office manager, and Havala McCracken, her dental assistant. Hamann has more than 16 years of dental expertise and is available to help with scheduling, insurance, and administrative questions and needs. In her 14 years as a dental assistant in Overland Park, McCracken has expanded her education through extensive continuing-education courses, bring- ing a great deal of knowledge and experience to the office. In addi- tion to assisting Dr. Olson with all aspects of dental treatment, her goal is to make patients feel comfortable and answer any questions.

One of the new challenges of having her own office is dealing with some of the business issues that have come up, Dr. Olson says.
“It’s a constant learning process but I just take it as it comes,” she shares. She points out that what makes the experience rewarding and enjoyable is the great people she has surrounding her, including her patients, staff, friends, and family, as well as other dentists and specialists who remember what it’s like to be just starting out.

Quivira Park Family Dentistry is located at 11740 W. 135th St.
in Overland Park. To make an appointment, contact the office
at 913.955.2300. Additional information, including a list of the services Dr. Olson provides, can be found at You can also find the practice on Facebook.


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